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Newbie here.

I joined this community because I have questions...  Well, let me start with the small stuff.  As a young teen I was very depressed and began withdrawing from everything.  In a bid to "save" me, my parents asked me to go to therapy.  I began to have episodes of mutism as a result of anxiety, and cutting myself, and many other self-destructive behaviors.  I was placed on Paxil, which I understood from the doctor was a social anxiety drug.  I am not socially anxious at all, though I am extremely shy and would rather not talk to cashiers unless I have to.  I have been getting much better at that too, since I tend to pick on my boyfriend about making him do it and the cashiers smile (putting me at ease).  I don't really consider myself phobic of that.  

I think am phobic about knives, though.  When people handle knives carefully, when they are simply holding them and looking at them, or even cleaning them, or cutting a piece of food or something, I'm absolutely fine.  But if someone is recklessly handling a knife (like, say, a co-worker at my restaurant that threw one over my head into the sink) I will freak out and act very aggressive and shake a lot.  Is this a phobic reaction?  Other than the knives, I really don't feel scared by anything. 

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