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More Anxiety

Hi All,

I feel down the dumps sometimes 2day and next i feel fine. Earlier again this morning after breakfast my egg on toast i feel dizzy in the bathroom cleaning my teeth and i feel like i am gonna pass out and am not sure what is triggering it and embarrassing thing is ihad to crawl bak to my bedroom and about 20 mins later i feel fine and then i went bk on laptop and its kinda distract me as i went on some games on facebook.

Then my lover miss called me and i answered the door as i was thrilled my lover was here and we both went to my bedroom & just chat lol,  and my lover got me valentines things ready for saturday and I am excited.

we went for a walk down the co op and round the block holding hands & kissing lol, then we had for dinner was potato cakes, beans & cheese.

Anyway thats all i can put for now peeps lol

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