one_of_four (one_of_four) wrote in phobia_support,

Hi there

Hello. I'm Millie. I am 22 and unable to drive. I can't drive because I don't know how, and I don't know how because I won't let anyone teach me. Every time I have ever attempted to learn how to drive, it has resulted in a massive panic attack(or an almost one) and I have had to abandon the effort.

I have also developed a related/linked phobia also related to driving; I can ride in cars alright as long as the person driving doesn't drive too fast, get too close to other cars, etc. Other cars close to the one I'm riding in make me very nervous. I have been in many car wreck, which probably doesn't help.

The smaller the car, the more afraid I am. My favorite thing to ride in is a bus. Sometimes, we I have been in a car for a long time, I start to have panic attacks because I think the road and the cars on it are rushing toward me and we are going to crash.

It isn't that I don't want to drive, because believe me I do. It is very debilitating to not be able to drive myself. I hate having to ASK other people to drive me. If I could drive, a lot more things I wanted would happen. I get harassed by my family, my mom tells me to get over it. My dad says about the same.

Trust me, if I could make it go away, I would do it.

I can't afford to go see someone right now, or I would.

Anyhow, I thought I'd introduce myself.
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