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Letter to my Lover I wrote

I had to wrote this to my lover on facebook as i don't want to rewrite this out as i cannot be asked too. I hope I am not breaking the group rules.

Hi babe,

I hate my mum so much because she keeps on upsetting me. I asked my mum to leave me some money for valentines day, she goes why cannot you pay for everything? and but she did say yeah about leaving me some money on sideboard for saturday and i'm confused because now am worried she might not off leave me any, besides its my benefit money and she suppose to give me some when i need it.

I might ask her to give me the valentines money tomoz ready for saturday so she doesn't forget as i want it ready really.

Also guess what my mum doesn't even care one bit about me and i asked her will the anti depressiants get rid of my dizzyiness, she went to me theres more dizzyiness to come i should be aware off :(, but don't say nothing to my mum i told u, coz when she k nows, she always calls me a liar when am not as i can tell u everything that is true here what she said.

I hope that u can email me bk 2day as i'm really upset and my stomache is shrink, i cannot stand my life here anymore.

Susie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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